Contact Management

Systemize and structure all contact data in one organized place

Lead & Opportunity

Track and qualify rental prospects. Define opportunity pipeline and reserve products in advance.

Rental Contracts & Invoice

Create & streamline Rental Contracts & associated cyclic billings.

Asset Management

Create a repository of products by maintaining product hierarchy and track product movement

Vendor Management

Create & Manage Purchase Orders. Track RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) & RTV (Return To Vendor)

Finance & Accounting

Advanced Accounting, Budgeting and Forecasting capabilities

Advance Reporting

Perform enhanced reporting with predefined KPIs based on ARA guidelines to analyze trends for efficient decision making

IoT & Predictive Maintenance

GPS Tracking & Predictive maintenance to help determine the condition of in-service equipment to estimate when maintenance should be performed.

The most comprehensive solution for equipment rental business

Organize, Optimize and Automate your business processes and procedures


Increased Transparency and Equipment utilization. Maintain full visibility of your inventory and track all movements


Create customized Quotes and Invoices to track payments with ease


Advanced reporting capabilities and in-depth insights with Power BI and IoT Integration

Power your equipment rental business with Prexa