Perfect for established team and industry leaders looking to leverage Accounting, Advanced Reporting and IoT & Predictive Maintenance to scale their business
Sale Process
Create Repository
Manage Order
Vehicle Scheduling
Accurate Reporting
Rental Contracts
  • Bring all business contacts and accounts in one place and associate key contacts with any of the accounts
  • Build and maintain relationships by tracking contact movements from between organizations
  • Track all the historical communications with each contact to see a complete picture of all customer conversations
  • Manage lead life cycle all the way till creation of quotes
  • Keep track of your sales team and define SLA’s for sales cycles
Product Creation
  • Create comprehensive records of all equipment including details like price, quantity, supplier, date of purchase and maintenance history
  • Track every item or batch in your inventory with serial number and batch tracking
  • Update inventory quantities automatically whenever an equipment is rented or returned
  • Keep inventory organized with vital details like price, availability and SKUs
Lead & Opportunity management
  • Identify quality leads from a pool of incoming leads and easily manage potential prospects
  • Analyze and track key information about leads and nurture cold leads
  • Engage closely with leads across multiple touch points
  • Assign leads to your team based on the locations, departments, and products
  • Optimize follow ups and segregate & streamline lead flow
  • Create rental orders/contracts and associate products to them
  • Auto-generate customized, professional-grade invoices to track monthly payments with ease
  • Create cyclic billing for orders that are more than a month duration
  • Reserve vehicles in advance without having to book the unit right away
  • Monitor order trends to make informed decisions and stay ahead of competitors
  • Create vendor/supplier accounts
  • Maintain contacts and communication details for vendors/suppliers
  • Create purchase orders and Track RMA (return merchandise authorization) & RTV (return to vendor)
  • Maintain all the information about vendors/suppliers, including prices, discounts, last quoted values and technical details
  • Create purchase triggers based on inventory status
Finance module integration
  • Create vendor/supplier accounts
  • Drive strategic financial decisions with AI to minimize costs & optimize spending
  • Increase profits & improve cash flow with predictive recommendations powered by machine learning
  • Unify & automate financial processes and chart financial performance in real-time
  • Reduce operational expenses with budget control, financial planning and analysis
  • Simplify regulatory and tax reports, e-invoicing, and payments
Power BI and IoT integration
  • Advanced reporting capabilities Track vehicles through GPS
  • Track movement of inventory with barcode scanning
  • Simplify resource allocation and tracking
  • Track mileage of vehicles and schedule the preventive maintenance & inspection of equipment
  • Enhance asset utilization with improved asset tracking